2023-24 IAP Memorial Scholarship Fund
In the Memory of CRAIG TIEDEKEN


Who’s eligible?
All employees (both salaried and hourly wage earners) of firms contributing to the Industry Advancement Program of the AMPD are eligible to apply for the Craig Tiedeken Memorial Scholarship. High school seniors, college freshmen, sophomores and juniors enrolled or planning to enroll in a full-time, four or five-year college or university are eligible.

How much money is available?
The IAP Memorial Scholarship Fund sets aside a grant each year for undergraduate study to be awarded annually to a single recipient or divided among several commendable candidates each year.

How do you apply?
Applications are made available each year. To be placed on the mailing list, please call (484) 443-8339 or e-mail info@ampdphilly.org

What is the deadline to enter?
All scholarship applications must be postmarked by June 29, 2023 to be considered.

When will scholarship recipients receive their money?
Upon completion of a personal interview with the AMPD Scholarship Committee, the applicant will be notified regarding the committee’s selection. The scholarship grant will be dispersed directly to the college or university by the IAP fund.